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Today, January 12, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus, Andrei Kobyakov, heard a report by the Minister of Forestry, Mikhail Amelianovich, on the progress in the development of brown-field plantations.

The hurricane, which passed through Belarus on July 12-13, 2016, caused the largest destruction in the history of the republic's forestry: 4.6 million cubic meters of timber were damaged on an area of 40.4 thousand hectares.

81.8% of the damage fell on the forests of the Minsk region: more than 3.4 million cubic meters on an area of 12.6 thousand hectares.

The most affected leshozes: Smolevichi - more than 1.7 million cubic meters were damaged, and Chervensky - more than 1.3 million cubic meters.

July 14, 2016 in the Ministry of Forestry held an emergency meeting on the elimination of the consequences of an emergency situation in the forest fund.

It was decided to mobilize the entire industry to eliminate the consequences of the disaster in the Smolevichi and Cherven leshozes.

Since the first days in the leshozes of the Minsk region, more than 500 people have been studying the damaged forest plantations. For a more rapid and accurate assessment of the situation in the forest fund, unmanned aerial vehicles, the Aviation Aviation Aviation Administration (GAASU) ships are involved.

The task is set in the development of windbreaks to maximize the use of all available in the industry multi-operation equipment.

As a result of measures taken to clean damaged forest plantations in Smolevichi and Cherven leshozes in the early days, the following was sent:

  • More than 1500 people,
  • 169 harvesters,
  • 101 forwarder,
  • 179 units of tractor equipment,
  • 63 road-trains of sortiment trucks and other machinery.

The Smolevichi and Cherven leshozes organized service and repair of equipment.

For round-the-clock control of the movement of harvested wood, on the roads of general purpose, 8 posts equipped with video cameras are organized.

Field meetings of the headquarters for the liquidation of the consequences of the hurricane in the forest fund are held every week.

Before the complete elimination of the consequences of hurricanes in the forest fund of the Ministry of Forestry, all kinds of cuttings are stopped, except for sanitary cuttings and nurseries in young growth.

As of January 1, 2017, sanitary measures in the dead forest stands were carried out on a total area of 14.4 thousand hectares, and 4.2 million cubic meters of timber were harvested. Including in the Minsk region - on an area of 11.5 thousand hectares, 3.4 million m3 were harvested (in Smolevichi and Cherven leshozes - on an area of 9.5 thousand hectares, 2.9 million cubic meters of timber was harvested).

The President and the Government adopted a number of financial and organizational decisions to preserve a valuable resource. A permit has been obtained for the export of an additional 1 million cubic meters of timber from the wind-breaker felling areas.

In parallel with the development of damaged plantations, reforestation works are actively conducted.

Since the end of August, the technique for preparing soil and carrying out reforestation has been introduced into the developed harvesting areas.

The works on preparing the soil for planting are distributed among the leshozes of all regions.

Students of the Belarusian State Technological University held a "labor semester" in September to restore forests damaged by the hurricane.

Students of the Belarusian State Technological University held a "labor semester" in September to restore forests, damaged by the hurricane.

In the fall of 2016, reforestation measures were carried out on an area of more than 5 thousand hectares of designed windlasses.

In the spring of 2017 new forests will be created on more than 4 thousand hectares.

Now there is a development of hard-to-reach logging areas. But in some places, even after 30-degree frosts, the water in the streams flowing through the cutting area and in the meliorative canals has not frozen. For the entrance to the entrance to the plot - it is necessary to overcome 2 meliorative channels.

In hard-to-reach areas of the forest fund, 97.3 thousand cubic meters of damaged forest stands are located on an area of 1.1 thousand hectares. Their development, removal and sale of all the firewood will be completed by April 1, 2017.