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SFA «Chausy Forestry»

Chausy Forestry was founded in July 2003. Earlier forestry as a separate organization and economic unit was not functioning.

In 2002, the republican subsidiary unitary enterprise of forest management «Gomellesproekt» was conducted basic forest management and forestry Mogilev in compliance with forest management regulations in order to improve forestry management, enhance protection of forests from fires, improve forest management organization, providing local consumers timber.

The Order of Komleshoz on April 29, 2003 due to downsizing and Mogilev Gorki forestry was organized by the Chausy, which consisted of Mokryadskoe, Volkovichskoe, Chausy, Slastenovskoe, and Kuzminichskoe forestrys a total area of forest 49 673 hectares transferred from the Mogilev forestry. In addition, its members were transferred to the forest Goretsky forestry, located within Chausy district, the total area of 2450 hectares.

The main objectives of forestry: enhancing forestry production, forest management organization, to ensure reproduction, and protection of forests, construction of forest resources, the implementation of effective control in these areas.

The main tasks of forestry: enhancing the productivity of forests by improving the quality and effectiveness of forest management, forest age structure alignment by providing rational forest management, increasing the share of young trees through the creation of forest plantations forests on non-forested lands and on lands withdrawn from agricultural use, optimization of the breeding structure of forests in order to increase the proportion of the most valuable hardwood and plantation;

оarrangement of the forest fund, including the organization of construction, repair and maintenance of forest roads, fire-fighting the implementation arrangement of forest areas, content in a proper state of quarterly networking and identifying marks and other events.

implementation of a complex of forest protection measures in order to improve the environmental sustainability of forests, forest protection and regeneration of forests; attracting investment in the development of forestry.