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Policy in the field of forest certification to FSC

The policy in the area of forest certification in line with the FSC system

The Republic of Belarus takes part in many conventions and international agreements. Their fulfillment is based on the introduction of new legal acts in the national legislation system and improvement of national forest policy.

Forest Law Book of the Republic of Belarus has been adopted and the Program of Sustainable Forest Management is being realized.

The use of forest resources is regulated by the Forest Law Book and other legislative documents as well as projects of organization and maintenance of forestry enterprises.

The national system of forest certification is accepted by the European Council PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes).

The «Chausy forestry» confirms its commitment to the system of forestry maintaining according to the FSC principles and criteria aimed at preservation of biological diversity.

The forestry enterprise contacts with all public and scientific organizations about the questions of forestry development.

The enterprise organizes its work in accordance with the international Conventions ratified by the Republic of Belarus.

The forecast of forestry development for 2011-2015 has been developed.

According to the major goal and main challenge, the forestry conducts the following major types of activity:

— management of forest funds on the territory of the forestry in the area of use, reproduction and protection of forests;

— realization of state programs and projects of forestry development in order to increase the efficiency and improve the forest structure; strengthen their nature protection functions; satisfy the sector of national economy and population with all types of forest products in the fullest way;

— maintenance of governmental accounting of forests and state forest cadastre;

— creation and cultivation of forest plantings as well as timely regeneration of forests on the cut-down areas with economically valuable wood species;

— forest protection from fires, illegal felling and other actions which make harm to the forest, protection from wreckers and forest diseases;

— conduction of economic activity in zones of radio-contamination with satisfaction of requirements established by the legislation and departmental regulations and standards of the Republic of Belarus;

— control of radiation situation on the whole territory of the forestry, conduction of radiation and ecological monitoring, radiation control of produced and imported forest products;

— state control of use, reproduction and protection of forests of all forest funds keeper;

— carrying out economic and scientific and technical policy in order to create necessary conditions for effective work in the forestry, to solve urgent social challenges;

— transfer of the land to the land users which was given to them in accordance with the established procedure from the forest fund for state, public or other needs, control of proper use of land;

— construction and repair of industrial facilities and inhabited buildings, forest cordons, fire towers, reservoirs, construction and maintenance orderly of forest roads and communications;

— conduction of hunting activity in complex with forestry according to the established procedures; control of rules and hunting terms observance;

— execution of work for logging against all kinds of felling;

— collecting, purchase and rehandling of wild-growing berries, mushrooms, preparation of wood juice, maintaining beekeeping, fishery, and also maintaining all other necessary branches of subsidiary agriculture;

— production of consumer goods and producer’s goods made of major raw materials, cutting and clearing and sawmilling waste, as well as other types of forest resources in order to satisfy economy and population’s needs.

Primary activity of the forest enterprise (management of forests, account, protection and reproduction of forests) is carried out at the expense of the state budget.

If the forest enterprise has reasonable need and receives written permission of the Forestry Ministry of the Republic of Belarus it has the right to be engaged in the subsidiary commercial activity which promotes the solution of the major challenge and achievement of the main goal of activity of the forestry enterprise. The subsidiary commercial activity of the forestry enterprise is the activity which brings profits and is based on principles of self-financing.

The main conditions of further increase of production and realization of forest products are development of capacities on deep processing of small-scale and soft-wooded broadleaved wood, and also construction of roads of all-the-year-round action for complete use of remote operational fund.